Windows 11 PC Health Check Back Online and Better Than Ever in Anticipation of the OS Release Date

As many are probably aware by now, Windows 11 is releasing in just a couple of weeks, this October 5, bringing a whole host of upgrades and modifications to the popular OS. If you’re currently using Windows 10 or an older version, you can expect to find countless additions in the newest release of Microsoft’s operating system, including Snap Layouts, Snap Groups, DirectStorage, Auto HDR, and much, much more.

However, in order to upgrade and install Windows 11, your PC must first fulfill a few hardware requirements, most of which are clearly highlighted on their official requirements page, and is also something we’ve discussed in our device specs and how-to guide

However, even though you may have a powerful gaming PC, there’s a good chance that you might have run into the error where your computer shows as ineligible due to not meeting the hardware requirements for Windows 11. Worse yet, Microsoft had shared a PC Health Check app on their website a few months ago, which was supposed to test for the eligibility of your PC to upgrade to Windows 11. However, at that moment, the app would often give the same outcome that most users had run into when applying for Windows 11 preview through the Insider Program, Ineligible, but without actually elucidating as to what this meant.

Windows 11 Eligibility and Compatibility Issues

This error and ineligibility were so prevalent, that it got the “your pc does not meet the minimum hardware requirements for windows 11” topic trending on Google. And as more people ran into this error message, the frustration from users looking to test the new OS escalated, particularly since the PC Health Check app didn’t actually elaborate on what the problem was. Luckily, as we mentioned in our Windows 11 eligibility guide, this error wasn’t due to insufficient hardware, but actually, because most users needed to enable a setting in their motherboard BIOS. Feel free to check out this guide to learn more about this problem and how to solve it.

The New and Improved Windows 11 PC Health Check App

Luckily, and with only a few days left until the Windows 11 release date, Microsoft has re-launched their PC Health Check app on their website, this time with improved functionality. 

On this occasion, whenever your PC doesn’t meet the requirements for upgrading to Windows 11, the app actually specifies and expands upon the issues that will prevent you from doing so. Whether your CPU is incompatible, you don’t have the right OS architecture or are missing any crucial aspect, the app will now give you further guidance on what your PC is missing and, in some cases, it will actually point you towards the right direction.

If you’re looking to upgrade to Windows 11, but are wondering whether or not your PC might be eligible, we suggest giving the PC Health Check app a try. Alternatively, check out the troubleshooting guide we mentioned above, where you’ll find everything you need to know about the requirements for accessing Microsoft’s upcoming OS this October 5.