Windows 11 Impressions – Our Expectations for Microsoft’s Upcoming Operating System

After a lengthy period of user testing, tweaking, and updating, we’re now closer than ever to the Windows 11 release date this upcoming October 5. During this testing period, users have been able to download and access a preview of the upcoming OS through the Windows Insider Program and contribute to the final touches by submitting feedback and bug reports. 

However, aside from helping Microsoft test the upcoming OS, this preview has given us valuable insights into what we can expect from Windows 11 once it releases. And fortunately, this new version of Microsoft’s iconic operating system is shaping up to be quite excellent in most aspects

With that being said, here are our hopes and expectations for Windows 11.

The Most Intuitive Way to Use a Computer

The first thing that we always notice when we try out a new computer or device is how well it handles and how fast and snappy it is. Though the latter often depends on the hardware of the device in question, the former is more reliant on the way the system is developed and programmed. In this regard, Windows 11 seems to be the most intuitive and fast version of the operating system yet.

With its innovative Snap Groups and Snap Layouts, sorting your active tasks on one screen can be done with just a single click. Furthermore, sorting these tasks into different groups, and alternating between them at will, is also achievable with another click. This ease of navigation simplifies switching between work, gaming, browsing, and other aspects.

These features go hand in hand with a variety of different shortcuts through which you can access the most important features in Windows 11 with a simple button combination, which makes the OS even more intuitive and user-friendly.

Tons of Eye and Ear Candy

The improved usability and multitasking capabilities in Windows 11 go hand in hand with its new visual and audio design, which consists mostly of rounded, soft edges as well as a layout of elements that pushes the most important documents and apps to the center of your screen while leaving unnecessary information on the sides.

The visual design is exquisitely complemented by the new and revamped audio clips that play whenever we’re using our computers, which adapt to the task at hand, as well as to whether the system is set to light or dark mode.

With that being said, we expect Windows 11 to not only feel great to use but also to look and sound amazing.

The Best Gaming Performance

People often argue about which console is the strongest in the current generation, and which one could give you the best experience with the latest games. However, in this aspect, it seems that PCs that are running Windows 11 might take the cake this time around.

Though gaming PCs have often been the butt of jokes in the gaming community, since it’s a much higher entry fee for virtually a similar experience to consoles, the truth is a good gaming PC can run games with much better performance and graphics. For the most passionate gamers out there, the price is well worth the investment. However, Windows 11 is bringing some features that, even on a budget gaming PC, can make this platform the ideal one for enjoying our favorite games. 

Of course, we’re talking about the Auto HDR and DirectStorage technologies, through which we can achieve groundbreaking graphics in thousands of games, as well as the shortest loading screens, respectively. And while the former requires an HDR-compatible monitor, which can set you back quite a bit of money, the latter only requires an NVMe SSD, which is becoming increasingly more accessible. 

Check out our dedicated article on Auto HDR and DirectStorage to learn more about how these two features will dramatically enhance your gaming experience in Windows 11.

An Easy and Intuitive Installation Process

While we’re quite excited for what Windows 11 is bringing to the table on its release date this October 5, we’re also wondering how the actual rollout process will take place. However, from what we’ve seen so far, the installation will be mostly automated.

As long as your PC meets the hardware requirements for Windows 11, upgrading to the new OS will be as easy as checking for updates through the Windows Update feature, downloading the OS itself through this menu, and then waiting until the update finishes. After a quick restart, you should be all set to start using Windows 11.

Nevertheless, if you want to learn more about how to upgrade to Windows 11, feel free to check the dedicated article we’ve prepared, which we linked earlier in this piece. Furthermore, if you’re running into the dreaded “your pc does not meet the minimum hardware requirements for windows 11” error, check out this guide that we have written about this issue.

A Future Where Everything is More Connected than Ever

Windows 11 is aiming not only to revolutionize the way we use our computers on a daily basis but also to bring all the aspects of our lives into our devices. To that end, the new OS has connectivity features like cloud-based recommendations, customizable information feeds and panels, as well as synchronized files, sharing between different devices through OneDrive, so we can get all the information and documents we’ll ever need, without having to manually share and send them through emails or other means.

The Windows 11 cloud-based recommendations, in particular, could be quite useful in this context as the OS will often show your most-used files and apps in important areas like the start menu so that you can always access them at a moment’s notice. Furthermore, these recommendations are reportedly synchronized across multiple computers through your Microsoft account, including on mobile devices that have the OneDrive app installed.

And when it comes to unifying several aspects of our lives, Windows 11 is also making it much easier to keep in touch with friends, relatives, and colleagues, through its improved Microsoft Teams 2.0. This popular chatting app is getting an overhaul, with its most notable feature being how easy it is to access it at any moment, simply by pressing WIN + C, upon which you’ll be able to view all active chats, and even respond to your contacts via inline replies, without actually having to open the app itself.

Whether you’re browsing on your phone, your tablet, your laptop, or your computer, odds are that you’ll have access to your information wherever you need it, whenever you need it. Our expectations for this aspect are that we can use our computers and mobile devices in even more seamless and intuitive ways, as we progress into a more technologically focused future.

What are your personal expectations for Windows 11? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!