The Most Anticipated Android Apps for Windows 11

Windows 11 is the newest version of the iconic operating system, which is used by over a billion users worldwide. This new version brings a whole host of improvements, all designed with the purpose of enhancing the user’s experience with their computers and devices. And considering that people today use PCs more than ever, and for activities beyond just work, the new OS has a ton of features to streamline using their computers, as well as to give them access to the right information, at the right time.

We’ve explained in more detail about the new Windows 11 features, as well as what to expect from Microsoft’s new OS, in other posts. Today, however, we want to focus on one interesting aspect of the operating system; its native Android support.

While Microsoft has already stated in a blog post that native Android support will be delayed and will no longer release alongside the operating system this October 5, the group is still working alongside Amazon to implement this feature sometime in 2022. 

With that being said, here are our most expected Android apps for Windows 11:

Rise of Kingdoms

One of the most popular mobile games around, and surely one that anyone will be able to enjoy, even if Windows 11 doesn’t offer any kind of customizable keyboard controls or advanced controls schemes since the game is played easily by just clicking on the screen.

Rise of Kingdoms is a game about building your very own empire, brick by brick. To this end, you must gather a variety of resources and use them to construct new buildings, and also train new troops, research technologies, and develop your capital. And when you’re strong enough, you can take to the world map and start conquering your enemies, orally with other players to increase your power.

Rise of Kingdoms is great for playing on PC since you can just run the game and leave it in the background. And since buildings, training, and other tasks take a long time to complete, you can simply bring the game forward every few minutes to check your ongoing projects, as well as to protect your city from sneaky attacks.

Garena Free Fire

If slow-paced city building isn’t for you, then maybe blood-pumping battle royales would be more your speed.

In Free Fire, you land on an island along with numerous other players, and the objective is to arm yourself as quickly as possible and become the last person standing, in true battle royale fashion. However, this game sets itself apart by offering not only a variety of unique and interesting weapons but also a cast of unlockable characters, all of which offer different passive and active abilities.

In Free Fire, unlocking and upgrading characters and skins is just as much a part of the game as going out and defeating your enemies on the battlefield.

Fruit Ninja

The timeless classic game that has existed basically since the advent of smartphone technology. This casual game is simply about swiping on fruits as they fall on the screen to cut them and score points. If played on PC however, it lends itself to be a pretty good way to pass the time if you have a few minutes to spare.

The next time you’re waiting for a friend, or for your Uber to arrive, simply boot up Fruit Ninja on Windows 11 and play a few matches.

Angry Birds 2

Similar to Fruit Ninja in its timeless popularity, this modernized version of Angry Birds was released in 2019 and features most of what we’d come to expect of the franchise. In this sense, you can find a variety of different irate avians ready to smash into the enemy’s structures and make it crash down on top of them. 

The main difference in Angry Birds 2, however, is that players can now choose the different types of birds from a deck, rather than make do with what they’re given on every stage. Still, the fun is pretty much the same, especially if you’re looking for a game that you can quickly play for a few minutes while you wait for something.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

TCGs are a dime a dozen nowadays, with heavy hitters like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering hogging the limelight on the PC platform. Yu-Gi-Oh!, however, has always been a popular alternative, albeit with barely any presence on PC. With the arrival of Windows 11, players will be able to enjoy Duel Links on PC natively, and on a much larger monitor that will let them appreciate all the awesome details of the cards and effects.

Ludo King

Who doesn’t love a good board game with friends and family? After all, nothing breaks up friendships and bonds like winning at a board game, to the utter chagrin of all other players. With Windows 11, you’ll now be able to enjoy this awesome and simple board game on your PC and spend countless hours making new bonds with people online, and then immediately burning those bridges once the match ends.

Ludo is fun for everyone!


And when you’re finally done for the day and want to unwind, but don’t really feel like conquering, shooting, running, or destroying anything in-game, you can relax by playing Gardenscapes.

This relaxing match-3 three title is a casual game in which you get to play a variety of puzzle levels of increasing difficulty. However, while the basic gameplay is pretty much the same across every level, some states have different objectives and can require a different approach to clear them. And every time you beat a level, you’ll obtain currency that can be used for remodeling your garden.

Possible Limitations of the Windows 11 Android Support

With that being said, we still don’t know much about how these Android apps will function on Windows 11, or what tools will be made available to the user to improve their usage. After all, while we can interact directly with onscreen elements on our phone simply by tapping on them, we’d have to manually click on every button with our mouse if playing on PC. In this sense, unless Windows 11 gives users the option to create control schemes, or use something other than mouse clicks, the number of apps that can be feasibly used on PC, as well as an important number of games, will be awkward and uncomfortable to use.

Remember, however, that if you want to play your favorite Android games on PC, you can do so easily through BlueStacks. Our Android app player installs easily in just a few minutes and gives you a wide variety of tools and features to enhance your gaming experience. And the best part is that BlueStacks will be fully compatible with Windows 11, so you can upgrade to the new OS and continue gaming on our emulator without missing a beat.

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